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High N Dry Fishing Products

Providing the highest quality and environmentally friendly gel, liquid, and powder fly fishing floatants.

Products That Cast Spells

Gel Floatant

Our Gel floatant was designed with special and unique materials, and is specifically for those fly-fishers that prefer to dress their flies with their fingers.   This floatant works well on all flies, including those tied with Cul de Canard (CDC) materials. Our field and lab tests show it to be the best performing floatant available.  It is not flammable, it contains no organic solvents, 100% solids and is environmentally friendly.


Liquid Floatant

Our liquid floatant was designed with special and unique materials, and is the perfect floatant for those fly-fishers that prefer to dip their fly into a container.  This method of application is fast and allows the fly to be completely covered with a barrier that keeps moisture out.  It works well on flies tied with all types of materials and is especially effective to float large Stimulators and Hoppers tied with foam application.  Just dip and cast.

Powdered Floatant with Applicator Brush

HnD’s Powdered Floatant with Applicator Brush is designed for those fly-fishers wanting to “dress” specific areas of their fly, like the wings, or brush the floatant on the entire fly.  It is the perfect floatant to use with flies tied in CDC.  Also, try it in combination with HnD’s Gel or Liquid products for awesome results.


Powdered Desiccant & Floatant

Our powdered floatant and desiccant was designed with special and unique materials, and complements our Gel and Liquid floatants.  Eventually your flies will become water logged, or slimed by a great fish.  This product is terrific for those fly-fishers that prefer a shake and dry floatant, but can also be used to revive that drowned fly and then refloated with our Gel or Liquid Floatants


“I first used High N Dry floatants with a guide on the Bighorn in Montana. I have now used them in Alaska, Oregon, California, and Wyoming. It performs as described, is ecologically safe, and perhaps the best compliment I can give it is all the guides whom I have fished with have happily accepted the floatants as a gift and are now using it as their "go to," floatant! Thumbs up - High N Dry.”

— Kramer B. Klabau, Orinda, CA

“My sons and I have been fishing the rivers of Montana for several years now. We enjoy all aspects of fly fishing, but dry fly season is our favorite. Over the years we have tried a variety of floatants, but have never found anything as effective as High N Dry! It's amazing how long it keeps your fly afloat. We have enjoyed the product so much, we now give it as gifts to our fly fishing friends.”

— Rich Malia, Billings, MT

"I have been fly fishing for nearly 50 years and have tried many fly floatants. None of them have performed as consistently or as effectively as the High N Dry line of fly floatant products. As a degreed chemist, I appreciate the technical research and development that went in to the formulation of these unique polymer based compounds. Because volatile organic solvents are not used in any of the products, they are not only non-flammable, but eco-friendly as well. The gel floatant is the only one I've used that maintains the ideal viscosity throughout cool and warm temperature environs. No more surprise "splurges" of melted gel when the bottle is popped open for the first time on a hot day. Give them all a try and experience the difference for yourself!"

— Kent Chavet, Cedaridge, CO

"I have been fly fishing and tying flies for over 60 years. I have tried many products to keep my dry flies floating. Some work well and others not so well. My favorite is the new product called High N Dry. I field tested this product last summer and continue to use it as my go to floatant. This product is just the right viscosity to apply to a fly. It stays on your fingers and does not run off. The viscosity also varies very little with temperature, so it is fluid in the cold and not too runny when it gets hot. The main reason I like the product is that it does a superior job floating the fly. I often use a dry-dropper combination with a beaded nymph below the dry fly. High N Dry keeps the dry up top better than any product I have used. It also lasts longer than other products I have used in the past. High N Dry will now be the only floatant I will use."

— Dave Pipkin, Cedaridge, CO

"I've come to respect High N Dry products as one of quality and a product that is reliable all the time.  I've used High N Dry floatants on enough occasions that I've come to really enjoy the fact that I have such a great product that I know I will have the absolute best presentation when it’s needed most.  I often fish high altitude creeks and lakes where presentation is paramount to catching those finicky fish and with just one application of High N Dry’s Liquid floatant, dries are good to go.  There are times where I have casted a few dozen times into fast moving rifles and even on days of rain and sleet, with this product on, and the fly it still holds its float and gives me a much better opportunity in hooking into fish.  I believe all things good with fishing should be shared and celebrated and this product is one of those things that should be shared."

— Jacob Farley, Boulder, CO

“You guys have done an amazing job making eco friendly products that float flies longer than anything any of us have used.”

— John Zawacki, Casper, WY

“I use your floatants with clients out on the river and it sells itself”!

— Chris Fleck, Columbus, MT

When I first tried High N Dry floatants, I didn't expect anything special. Was I wrong! These products all exceeded my expectations.  I fish a lot of small CDC dries, and the powdered floatant allows me to catch multiple fish without retreating the fly.  The liquid and gel are just as good and the larger sized containers make High N Dry a winner!

— Pat Weiss, Member of the 2017 USA World fly fishing team

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