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Who We Are

Our Story

Our company is made up of people who love fly-fishing and the outdoors. We also have a great respect for our natural world. 

Our founding members, Vince, Dennis, and Ken, had known each other for many years and, in fact, worked for different companies that competed against each other. They were brought together each year by a mutual supplier to fly fish in Montana.  Interestingly enough, it was the sport of fly-fishing brought them together and led to them becoming great friends. 

During one of their trips, and after a long day of fishing, they were enjoying dinner and discussing the day’s events.  The topic moved to floatants and how most of the products on the market were either harmful to the environment, didn’t work, or both.  They thought they could make better products than what was available.

Thus, High N Dry Fishing Products, LLC was born.

We established three objectives for this new venture:

  • Make the best products available
  • Have fun
  • Sell our new HnD products on a world-wide basis

One of the unique aspects to of High N Dry team is that two of our founding members were brilliant professional chemists with inquisitive minds.  Between them they have over 100 U.S. patents.  Vince has since passed away, but Ken is still very busy improving our existing products and testing new products to put on the market. 

The first step for the founders was to scientifically evaluate all available products. Over time they noticed that the performance of the existing floatants was poor and most were solvent based, flammable, and environmentally unfriendly.  They paid close attention to the design approach, materials used, and performance of each product.  Armed with this information, the team was able to develop the most advanced, highest performing, solvent free products available.  We take great pride in the quality of the materials we used and our approach has always been focused on making sure our products perform better than all the others. 

Although this was a lot of hard work, it has been rewarding and we sincerely hope you enjoy fishing the High N Dry way!

The High N Dry Team



Dennis is one of the founding members of High N Dry Fishing Products.  These days Dennis is semi-retired.  When he was working, he spent most of his career in technology related businesses, including aerospace, manufacturing semi-conductors, the financial services sector, the computer business, and the office products industry. Dennis started it all with a BA in business and a master’s degree in finance and economics.  Some of the larger companies that Dennis worked for include: Hughes Aircraft Corporation, Macrodata (a division of Eaton Corporation), and Citibank. He spent almost 23 years at Toshiba Corporation, which is a large, Japanese based multi-national corporation.  During that time, he was CFO of Toshiba’s computer business in the Americas for 17 years and CEO of Toshiba’s imaging business in the Americas for 6 years.  For the past several years, he has primarily been occupied leading start-up companies. He is also active with his own consulting company called Inflection Point. 

Along with handling many of the day to day duties at High N Dry, Dennis is also known as the Chief Field Tester of the High N Dry products, and has certainly earned the title.  He lives in Missoula, Montana where he enjoys skiing, cycling and fly-fishing when he’s not working.



Ken is a founding member of High N Dry Fishing Products.  Ken is also one of three members of High N Dry still working another full time job. He is the VP of Operations at Raven Industries, a leading independent manufacturer of toner for photocopiers and laser printers. Ken brings to the High N Dry team over 30 years experience in product development, designing, and bringing new products to market.  Ken is also trained as a chemist, and, along with founding member Vincent Ting, developed the world’s best performing, safe, and environmentally friendly floatants.    

Ken currently oversees the production of  High N Dry products in Latrobe, Pennsylvania where he lives and works.  Ken is always busy working in the lab researching and developing new products to put on the market.  When he isn’t designing the world’s best floatants, Ken enjoys the outdoors and the sport of fly fishing and all the fun it brings.  He especially enjoys the pursuit of the elusive 26 ½ inch German brown, which, if he’s lucky, he will see one of the other High N Dry members catch in his lifetime.



Chris is the newest member of the High N Dry Team. He joined the High N Dry manufacturing team in January of 2019. Chris started fishing with his dad and brother when he was younger and his love of fly fishing and the outdoors has continued to grow ever since. He enjoys exploring nature and fishing in the Black Hills of South Dakota while staying at the family cabin. Chris has been in the telecommunications industry for many years and also owns a rental company.
Chris has primary responsibility for manufacturing our powder products in Mitchell, South Dakota where he lives in with his wife and two daughters. Every once in a while, they even let him go fishing.



Dave Tronnes

Dave recently retired from his full time job running a manufacturing plant for Toshiba America Business Solutions, a technology company. Dave has been with Toshiba for 27 years, living and working in Mitchell, South Dakota during that time.  With his manufacturing experience, Dave is an integral part of the High N Dry team.  Dave loves manufacturing environmentally friendly products for the sportsmen that cherish fly fishing and the outdoors.

Having grown up in the Land of 10,000 lakes, Dave has been a fisherman for most of his life and has focused his efforts for the last 25 years on fly fishing the great waters on Montana, Wyoming, Canada, and the Black Hills of South Dakota. When not working, Dave spends his time fishing or at his cabin in the Black Hills.  in all those years as a fisherman, Dave was caught smiling on camera once.  He says it will never happen again. 



Ben Tronnes

Ben's primary role with High N Dry is in the marketing, sales, and administrative side of the business. Ben is a former trial lawyer, practicing mostly health care law and civil litigation. Currently, his "other" job is as Associate Counsel for USA Hockey in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Ben has been fly fishing for almost 20 years, honing his skills in the beautiful trout streams of the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Ben has three young children and hopes to instill in them the same love of the outdoors that he has.  Because of his comparative youth, and the litany of fake injuries befalling his High N Dry teammates, Ben is generally in charge of rowing when they’re on the river.

Vince, our Chief Inventor
Vince, our Chief Inventor

"In 2017 we lost our dear friend, Vincent Ting.  His contributions to High N Dry are immeasurable as was his friendship.  He will be a part of High N Dry forever.”

Vince, a founding member of High N Dry Fishing Products, lived in Boulder, Colorado from 1978 until he passed away in 2016.  He received a Ph.D. in polymers and coatings chemistry in 1972, and was an energetic, hard-working, and creative chemist.  He was best known for his warm and humble personality.   After served in Taiwanese military as Second Lieutenant in a tank division, Vince came to the USA for advanced studies in polymer chemistry in 1964.

Vince had a broad industrial experience as a product research and development engineer.  During his 41 year career, Vince had 86 published U.S. and foreign patents and published 14 technical papers.  After retiring from Lexmark in 2009, he volunteered annually for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services at Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park, Colorado.  His responsibilities included helping the park rangers to study and improve the stream conditions and to study ways of improving the fish habitats.  Vince was a steward for the environment and was always looking for ways to make it a better place for everyone and everything.  Vince loved both indoor activities and hobbies, such as playing ping pong; cooking Chinese foods, and outdoor activities such as fly fishing, ski, hiking, cycling, and many others when he wasn’t working.  Vince lived his favorite phrase, “Life is good!”

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